#032 Dark Jester Velgras

87 Velgras the Vile

I woke up one morning and remembered a certain art competition that a friend introduced me to weeks before at an anime convention. So I went online to check and realised that it was due that very day at midnight. I kinda freaked out and decided to spend the day rushing it.

I guess this year’s theme for the competition was pretty interesting and partly why I decided to participate – “Villains”

I always believed that heroes had to look awesome. Villains have to look awesome-er, which is why I’ve always had problems drawing villains, still I daresay that this competition gave me a chance to practice.

Link to competition page:


PS: I don’t exactly feel he looks villainy enough though T_T

#030 The 7 Races (Female)

163 7Races

This is a commission piece done for JokerBoxer, one of the members of the DA community.

It was a good distraction from work, considering that I’ve really hit a artist’s block these few days of blankly staring at my tablet and wondering what to draw that is work related. He asked for an assortment of characters of different races from his game. There are 7 in total; Neanderthal, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Yokai, Human, Dwarf and Elf.

#029 Bubba Design 2.0

162 Bubba 2

Not exactly what I’d call a redesign but its more like I’ve been drawing Urdi way too often that I sort of forgot how he looked.

I took a few tips from my partner Clara over his designs that now he has a centre-parting fringe and a more barbaric outfit. However, now i’m having doubts if we want him to have this chubby build or if a lean-er version would be more effective. I guess we’ll revisit his design again soon.

#028 Sitting on the edge

86 Urdi on a Cliff

I have just a month left to the end of my semester break. To put it in a harsh way, i have accomplished nothing for my final year project which is more than unsettling.

Just to get myself back in the mood, I decided to draw Urdi from my project in hopes to get some drive back. Next on my hit list is to finalize the designs for Bubba, while thinking of the storyboards.  I certainly do hope i come up with something soon to show my professor, or i’ll get “tarzaned” out of his office no doubt.