#043 Maki no Kuriyokan

Maki Yokan

So I started watching love live immediate after this fan drawing i did for a friend for his birthday =] I’m not usually into Idol-anime but i guess I’ll make an exception this time. The story is actually better than i thought, and its easier to follow than having 40+ characters thrown at you at the same time. (cough cough)


#039 The Squeeze


Another semester coming to a close and it’s becoming scary that how quickly time flies, with only 1 semester left in school, graduation really isn’t that far away. Its strange that we are always so good at distracting ourselves whenever we start to work on something before realizing how much we time and energy¬†we have placed on that. I guess it’s worth to pinch ourselves every once in a while.

I’m kind of excited yet apprehensive¬†for that time when I can finally say “Hello World”.